I'm Gonna Put My Name On Your Door

by Snorri Helgason

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I’m Gonna Put My Name On Your Door is the solo debut album by leading Icelandic singer-songwriter Snorri Helgason.
It’s an album of soulful folk, energetic chorus-pop, somber ballads and glam-funk. These are mostly love-songs and songs that deal with the insecurities and uncertainties that plague the life of the musician. These are confessional, sincere and well-crafted songs performed with the intensity and power they deserve.

Snorri Helgason has been a leading figure in the Icelandic indie-pop scene for years through his band Sprengjuhöllin. Sprengjuhöllin released two critically and commercially acclaimed albums, topping many year-end lists, winning Snorri an Icelandic Music Award for Best Song in early 2008 and reaching platinum and gold status respectively.

When Sprengjuhöllin went on hiatus in early 2009 Snorri decided to record a solo album focusing on the folk and soul music influences at the center of his musical tastes.
Entitled I’m Gonna Put My Name On Your Door it was released in the fall of 2009 to raving reviews and critical acclaim.

"This album proves Snorri's brilliance"
8/10 Andrea Jónsdóttir - Icelandic Radio 2

"The most talented songwriter this country has seen recently"
"...You want to listen to this album again and again."
4/5 Brynjar Vatnsdal - Icelandreview

"Snorri is one of Iceland's most talented musicians. A fantastic debut."
4/5 Freyr Bjarnason - The Newspaper (Iceland)


released November 17, 2009

Snorri Helgason: Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards & perc.
Birgir Ísleifur Gunnarsson: Keyboards & backing vocals
Teitur Magnússon: Bass
Sigurður Tómas Guðmundsson: Drums & perc.
Kristinn Gunnar Blöndal: Keyboards & perc.



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Snorri Helgason

Snorri Helgason’s music is heartfelt and introspective, yet universal, a highly relatable exploration of his personal struggles and emotions. An avid student of pop history, Snorri keeps a firm foot in the past and a clear eye on the future, bringing forth a constant stream of timeless folk-tinged melodies and carefully constructed songs that are very much of the time. ... more

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Track Name: Freeze-Out
Birds in the morning, baby
sing out their tune
Car engines burning
in the bright afternoon
Sugar and caffeine
gonna fuel my day
till the evening breeze will steal me away

Can’t help but wonder what I’m doing
Can’t seem to figure it out
Am I heading down a road to ruin?
C F G G7
Baby am I just fooling myself? Oh!

Sun on my windowsill
and rain on the ground
Cats in the backyard still
they don’t make a sound.
Flowers are blooming
in the still afternoon
And the sun is going down much to soon.

Can’t help but wonder what I’m doing
Can’t seem to figure it out
Am I heading down a road to ruin?
Oh am I just fooling myself?

Birds in the morning, baby
sing out their tune
Car engines burning
in the bright afternoon.
Pink clouds a-hovering
in the bright-colored sky
And moon is rising over the hill.
Track Name: Don't Let Her
Don’t let her

C E7 F (F, C/e,G)
Sleep, sleep the wounds to deep.
Bb Am7
Now you’re lying in bed
Gm F Bb/f C
with the sheets pulled above your head.
E7 F (F, C/e, G)
You’re dead. You’re playing dead.
Bb Am7
But inside you burn
Gm F G C D7
there’s a fire at every turn (baba!)

Dm G C
Oh don’t let her… turn you into stone.

Alone, you’re not alone.
Though your heart is not right
You can turn around and fight her eyes
and the lies and cut the ties.
You should rest for now
but tomorrow I’ll show you how

Oh don’t let her… tear your world apart.

Be smart. She’s got your heart
But you’ve got your mind
And you don’t have to be kind.
So find. Find a better kind
And start over again
And take part in the world again

Oh don’t let her… turn you into stone.

::Oh you’re not alone!::
Track Name: Carol

G Am
Now that my days are numbered
I sit and pray,
Am D
Thinking about our days
Thinking about my only love

Now that the hour is coming
I sit and howl
Yearning for a kiss
Pleading for a farewell kiss

If you’re gonna come
Come now
Sweet Carol I will not let you down
Cause the greatest win of all
C C/b Am F D
Is to die beside the one you love

Now I can feel it coming
Now I can see
The things that I’ve done wrong
Won’t matter when I’m gone

Down in this icy river
I’ll close my eyes
For the very last time
I believe that it’s my time to go

If you’re gonna come
Come now
Sweet Carol I will not let you down
Cause the greatest win of all
Is to die beside the one you love
Track Name: Queen Street
Queen St.

C (add9) Dm (add9)
The neon is burning
Em F (gangur niður)
on Queen Street tonight.
C (add9) Dm (add9)
Spadina is calling
The morning’s getting near
Em Am G
Bass drones and laughter’s all that I hear
Dm G (sus4)

I’m seeing faces
I haven’t before
And beautiful places
But every girl I see
Reminds me there’s one waiting for me.
Across the sea.

F C (oh yeah)
I wish I knew where I was going
F C (oh yeah)
I’d go to where the cold wind’s blowing
F C (oh yeah)
I wish I knew where this was going
F Dm (oh yeah)
and for what or who I’m fighting
If you want to see the sun tomorrow
Don’t ever ask about the yesterdays.
C (add9) Dm (add9)

They look so lonely
Riding the trains
Silently moaning
I wish I knew their names
I wish I we all could play the same games
Such a shame.

Em Dm (7) Dm (7)
It’s late in the day and I try to call you
Em Dm (7) Dm (7) Am
But no words I can say could ever surprise you
F (maj7) G (add9)
oh I’m trying to tell you
F (maj7) Em Am
Oh I’m trying to tell you
Just how sweet and kind one woman can be

I’m one in a million
Roaming the streets.
Desolate children
Lost in a crowded place
Looking to find a familiar face
Get some space.
Track Name: Misery
These are the days I’ve been worried ‘bout
Bm A D
These are words I can’t say out loud.
These are the sounds I don’t want to hear
These are the words I have feared.
… I think I’ll never get over it.

These are the feelings I want to die
These are the tears I don’t want to cry
These are steps I don’t want to take
These are the smiles I can’t fake
… I’d give my life just to get some rest.

C Em
I have nothing to loose, nothing left to keep
Am C Gmaj7 C
I’d give it all up for a goodnight sleep
Gmaj7 C
Honey I’m in misery
C/b Am C
I do it for you
only for you

These are my nightmares realized
This collapse will be televised
These are the dreams of my enemies
This will be aired by the breeze.
… They’ll here my cry for a thousand miles

I have nothing to loose, nothing left to keep
I’d give it all up for a goodnight sleep
Honey I’m in misery
I do it for you,
only for you.
Track Name: Gone

Em G
I don’t know what is right no more
Em G
my hands bleed and my back feels so soar
Am G
I would work and then I would get paid.
Am C
I would work but now something’s changed
Oh and now it’s out of range
All of it, all of it is gone.

I don’t know what to do no more
I don’t see the point anymore
I have worked hard for thirty something years
I have worked hard for all my life
Hard! They took away my pride
All of it, all of it is gone.

I don’t know who to trust no more.
Who‘re you with? Who you working for?
I have been good. I didn’t buy that boat.
I have been good. Succumb to greed?
No! Now I got mouths to feed!
But all of it, all of it is gone.

C C , Bm, Am
I’m swimming in the open sea.
I hope someone will come after me.
I need a hand,
I need a break,
I need a brand-new day.

I don’t know where to turn no more.
I’m waiting for that knock on my door.
Now I got debts. I’m in over my head.
Now I got debts no honest man can pay
Lord, help me find a way!
Out of it, all of it is gone.